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  • Who We Are

    Founded in 2015, Liquid Software Mobile is an innovative mobile app development company with a focus on connecting people in real time text and video environments. We deliver wireless and mobile data products designed to leverage the wireless medium to provide a truly unique experience for mobile subscribers.

  • Our Work

    Current Divination Apps

    Psychic Txt

    Psychic Txt is one of the only psychic readings, horoscopes and tarot readings apps that actually connects you to a personal spiritual guide for psychic readings about your love life, job and future. Our expert psychic practitioners specialize in giving text based psychic readings, horoscopes and spiritual advice through their special talents for all the questions you seek truth for.


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    My Tarot Advisor

    My Tarot Advisor connects you to an authentic, talented, and experienced Tarot reader for advice on relationships, career, life path, and more. Our expert Tarot advisors specialize in giving video based psychic tarot readings and spiritual advice by utilizing their unique talents to uncover the answers you are looking for.


  • Our Team

    Liquid Software Mobile's world-class team of managers, software engineers and producers have a long and successful track record of creating innovative and technically advanced products. The team's combined experience and next generation vision uniquely position Liquid Software Mobile to be a leader in the industry.

  • Partner With Us

    Liquid Software Mobile embraces challenges while exploring new opportunities. We actively consider partnership possibilities with other companies and/or organizations. Whether you have short-term projects or ongoing collaborations in mind, please let us know if you would like to team up.